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Project Coordinator's Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,


Kisumu Kanyakwar Women Group (KKWG) was founded after the 2008 national elections in Kenya. The post-election violence led to many women losing their homes, properties, sources of income and even economically active family members. The aforementioned was the source of Mrs. Beatrice Schnelli Naikuni’s, the founder’s, inspiration and enthusiasm to initiate a ‘group’ that would become a foundation to proactively support these women in improving their livelihood and becoming self-reliant. Prompt action in fundraising was a necessary and continues to be an ongoing demand. This involves hosting a Charity Dinner Gala & Dance annually to benefit the KKWG and Early Childhood Development centre (ECD).

So far, we have accomplished the following three projects:

a) The Project 2011 KES 1'600'000=CHF 20'000: The centre of Early Childhood Development centre (ECD) is committed to putting young children first by ensuring quality care and education for the youngest (i.e. Baby=3-4, middle=5-6 and final=6-7 years). We aim to do this by improving the ECD services in Kenya through training support and advice in the field of Early Childhood Development.

b) The Project 2009 KES 500'000=CHF 10'000: Three water kiosks were constructed for providing clean and affordable water and sanitation in the informal settlement neighbourhood.

c) The Project 2008: Provided ten women with kick start capital for small vendors (traders and farmers). An amount of KES 10'000 (CHF 200.00) was allocated to each woman as a starting capital. A football club for youth, under 15 years, was launched to develop young talents in sports and also provide recreational activities for the children and the youth of the neighbourhood. Moreover, it provides a forum for inculcating peace and leadership qualities in children and youth as future leaders. We intend to extend the following As more children get enrolled in the Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD), there has been a growing need to provide a feeding programme and kitchen facilities. We were expecting 60 children and we presently have 130 children with an increasing number of children joining the baby class (Baby=3-4, Middle class=5-6, Final=6-7). For this reason we would like to introduce a feeding programme. With the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and other diseases death continues to make many children orphans or they are left with helpless relatives such as grandparents etc. The majority of the guardians are not able to afford the basic nutritious meals/diet. These are the main reason why we started with a pilot feeding programme since December 2013. During the feeding programme the children get a cup of porridge at ten o’clock and a balanced diet meal at lunchtime. In the afternoon they get cup of porridge or Juice before they are released home in the evening. We have five teachers who are paid on a voluntary basis.

Thank you for your interest in the Kisumu Kanyakwar Women Group.


Beatrice Schnelli Naikuni
Founder and Project Coordinator
Tel. +41 78 948 8132

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